“I had such a great time last night! I love the group…interesting people! The trail is gorgeous. I’m excited about our weekly walks!”

Loycie (Houston, TX)

“I have always considered myself to be a “fit/healthy” person, but within my year of coaching with Laura I’ve learned the importance of fitness in a whole new realm.  She has taught me that fitness is deeper than vanity, it provides a mental healing component that I was previously unaware of.  I have learned the importance of loving myself and I have her to thank for this.  She has a way of listening, guiding and encouraging you without leaving you feeling judged and alone.”

Chandra (Houston, TX)

“Laura’s enthusiasm kept me coming back, week after week, through the cold of winter and the heat of summer. I learned about nutrition, proper fitting shoes, self-confidence, posture, stretching. I have walked over 200 miles with Urban Paths and have lost 35 pounds. I gained strength, self-confidence and have made many friends. Wednesday night walking is my time for me, and I will keep taking the next step thanks to Laura’s vision. “

Betty (Houston, TX)